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Chris de Burgh

Footsteps Tour, 2009

Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
Monday, April 27

The cover of the 'Footsteps' album by Chris de Burgh

After nigh on forty years performing, Chris de Burgh kicked off his latest European Tour in Liverpool with a show that positively dripped feeling.


From the gentle opening of the title track of his latest album, Footsteps, and on through to the close of a three hour set most performers would not dream of giving, de Burgh wooed, cajoled and positively rocked his audience, playing solo at the outset before being joined on stage by his four piece band and then, following the interval, by the Heart of England Orchestra.


Nearly everything was here, but the highlights of the back catalogue were Leather On My Shoes and Discovery, both blending nicely with those more usual offerings.  Oh My Brace Hearts, Carry Me (Like A Fire In Your Heart), Same Sun, In A country Churchyard, Where Peaceful Waters Flow were all performed superbly well, but it was Revolution and a breathtaking solo by Al Vosper on guitar that will live long in the mind. As will his walkabout during Lady In Red, which seems to grow more personal the more he plays it live.

Chris High and Chris de Burgh at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall 2009Of the more recent material, taken from an album of covers, Nielsen’s Without You and The Byrd’s Turn, Turn, Turn were quite excellent. Yet as good as these were, nobody will ever forget the moment 2,500 people stood as one in honour of the 96 victims of the Hillsboro football tragedy of twenty years ago. Chris de Burgh is a lifelong Liverpool FC fan and having delivered a version of You’ll Never Walk Alone to rival even that of the Kop, it was clear that the singer was genuinely moved which was added to when a family member of one victim quietly placed a photograph on the stage at its close.

This was a truly special evening and with Spanish Train dedicated to the memory of the late, great Merseyside DJ, Phil Easton, who passed away suddenly earlier this year, everybody left the Philharmonic extremely High On Emotion.

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