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Dennis Locorriere live in concert 2013Dennis Locorriere: The Point Zero Tour

Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

March 30, 2013.

2hrs 15 mins

To steal the title Dennis Locorrier’s second solo album, this reviewer at The Liverpool Philharmonic to witness Dennis Locorriere perform should genuinely count amongst  himself as One of the Lucky Ones, for this was a truly, truly memorable performance by one man and a guitar.

For over two hours, the voice of Dr Hook belted out songs old and new with such gusto, verve and vigour – as well sublime musical skill – it was as though two hours had been whittled down to thirty minutes. Indeed, so quickly did the time fly by it was as though somebody had sneakily put the clocks forward four hours too soon.


It’s not only the ballads that made Hook famous that are presented either, though More Like The Movies and Love You a Little Bit More are as poignant today as they ever were, there is also the bawdy side of the band and with Freakin’ at the Freaker’s Ball and Ask Her from his third solo album Post Cool bringing hearty chortles from the crowd, alongside the hilariously self-deprecating Everybody Loves Me.   

Three things other than the music genuinely stand out, however. The first is how Locorriere’s voice has stood up to the passage of time, the man’s undiminished enthusiasm and enjoyment of playing live and the passing along anecdotes garnered from his astonishing career to such a receptive audience and, possibly above all else, his admiration for Shel Silverstein, whose poetic contribution to the singer’s career is presented with great reverence and emotion.

All too soon, Mrs. Avery was refusing to let Sylvia to come to the phone, the operator was demanding another 40 cents more for the next three minutes, whilst Locorriere promised with such passion to only keep her awhile. If ever there was a song written to surpass Sylvia’s Mother that so encapsulates the 1970’s, then I have no idea what it is. Still, the woman’s refusal to let her daughter speak must ensure that Dennis Locorriere will keep ringing, performing and singing which can only be a good thing for the rest of us.
A truly magical night presented by a truly magical musician.

Chris High





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