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Mountain of LoveMountain of Love

Eric’s Live Lounge

Eric’s Live Lounge

Mathew Street, Liverpool
February 13, 2013

There is something quite hypnotic about the music performed by Mountain of Love, whose DubTronica rhythms pulse through the floor like a subliminal heartbeat commanding movement from above.

Formerly Alabama 3 – those fine lads from Brixton who brought the world the Soprano’s theme, Woke Up This Morning and which, here, is played in its full glory and met with fully due, rapturous applause –  the chocolaty smooth vocal of Saul Drillaz is the perfect accompaniment for the delicious synths of Piers Marsh and the unforgiving, relentlessly driven drumming – on only one snare, one kick and five assorted cymbals it should be noted – of Sir Eddie Reel, which gradually, like a pebble pulled from the base of a mountain of boulders, has the sparse but nonetheless appreciative audience moving as though listening to some 21st Century version of that guy from Hamelin.

The opening number of Long Gone, as a scene setter goes, is up there with the best, its Blues-beat backbone coming to the fore in an unfettered, totally refreshing manner that serves as well as a slap of cold water on a hot day for what’s to follow.

Eric’s is a space tailor-made for live music, the acoustics of the low ceiling adding not only intimacy but also a retention of volume that so many other venues can only dream of. The more the audience responds, the more Drillaz allows his showmanship full flourish and soon he is strutting and jiving amongst the assembled, drenched in sweat but nonetheless word-perfect and delivering with power and precision.

There may have been a few technical problems, but here is a band so at ease with itself it barely mattered as the slower-tempo of Things and Thoughts segued delightfully with the out-and-out rave monster of Set You Free.

Yes it was a pity so few were there to see them, but make no mistake the next time Mountain of Love are in town, make sure you’re at the head of the queue for tickets, get your dancin’ shoes polished and prepare to move to some of the finest live music on offer.

Chris High



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