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Robin Trower

Robin Trower + Special Guest,The Stevie Nimmo Trio

The Chester Live Rooms

October 8th, 2016

Ahh, that sticky sweet smell of anticipation is coating the air like chocolate coats the caramel and biscuit filling of a Twix. Guitar legend Robin Trower – he formerly of Procul Harum – and his special guests for this Where You Are Going To tour, The Steve Nimmo Trio, are in the house and anticipation is high

Not there should be any concerns. From the moment the bulky guitarist takes the stage and strokes the strings, the audience in his hands and at no point does feel as though he’s about to let them go until he’s done.

With Roll The Dice Again kicking proceedings off, before neatly seagoing into Still Hungry – both from their most recent and highly acclaimed release, Sky Must Fall – this is clearly a threesome at the height of their skills. Switching emphasis, dipping and diving in and out of melodies and harmonies as though they are nought but shadows, Craig Bacon on drums and Mat Beable on bass may provide the thrust from the engine room, but it is unquestionably Nimmo who is the driver of this rock-blues juggernaut.

Good Day For the Blues is an example of just how consistently good this band, given that this is the one track that comes from Wynds of Life, yet the coolness of the lyrics and the sweeping riffs mean it could fit comfortably within any blues set provided by any blues band of note.

This said, however, it unquestionably Running Back To You, with its simply magnificent closing solo that steals the night and so sets the scene more than handsomely for Robin Trower.

At 71 you’d think the man would somehow shuffle onto stage. Not a bit of it. With a skip and a jump, he’s up and at ‘em, smashing Too Rolling Stoned from the iconic Bridge of Sighs album, right out of the park. Richard Watts vocals are so beautifully delivered, the song is given a breath of fresh air, whereas the title track from that same album is breathtaking and a stunning exhibition of smooth, controlled guitar excellence.

The execution of Somebody Calling, Day of the Eagle Trower’s own vocals for Where You Are Going To, are amongst many highlights, yet it is the solo that closes out Little Bit of Sympathy that truly sets those little hairs running around the nape of the neck standing to attention.

With the crowd hollering for more, Robin Trower leaves us on a wave and a thanks, with the cool rhythms of For Earth Below still reverberating in that same sticky sweet air. A magnificent night of blues that could only be improved with a modicum of interaction from the main man himself.

Set Lists:

Stevie Nimmo Trio

Roll the Dice Again
Still Hungry
Good Day for the Blues
Running On Back To You

Robin Trower

Too Rolling Stoned
See My Life
Not Inside Out
Where You Are Going To
Somebody Calling
Day of the Eagle
Bridge of Sighs
The Turning
Holding On To You
Confessing Midnight
Little Bit of Sympathy


Rise Up Like The Sun
For Earth Below





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