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Snow PatrolSnow Patrol

Liverpool Echo Arena

January 31st, 2012

Let’s get this absolutely straight. Snow Patrol are not Coldplay, nor are they trying to be.

Gary Lightbody is not Bono, nor is he trying to be. Snow Patrol are ploughing their own furrow – for good, such as their latest album Fallen Empires, the not so good such as A Hundred Million Suns and the  downright unforgettable such as their third outing Eyes Open.

Right, now that’s out of the way … the gig.

There is something quite extraordinary about the music of Snow Patrol, whose latest album sees a departure from the norm  with a heavy reliance on electro beats so as to become more listener friendly . Yet, before a near sell out audience of 10,000 devotees, the band put all such persuasiveness aside and deliver what can only be described as Rock Heaven during a ninety minute set of near pure perfection.

Indeed, only one thing dilutes events, with this being only two songs A Hundred Million Suns – and just two from their second, the superb Final Straw. That these were Chocolate and a quite sublime Run, goes someway to forgiving the omission of How To Be Dead and Spitting Games, but only just, but when oh when will Disaster Button from Suns – a song tailor made for a live outing – make an appearance?

Gary Lightbody – inspiration, song writer and vocalist of the Dublin outfit – is a master showman in front of a tight knit band that exudes confidence and, above all, power. From the superb opening  number of I’ll Never Let Go, through Chocolate and thence on to the closing Just Say Yes, he exalts and extolls, encourages and demands, invigorates and encourages the crowd at his feet to include themselves in proceedings at every turn, which leads Snow Patrol as a whole to deliver unforgettable entertainment. 

With Chasing Cars, Open Your Eyes and Crack The Shutters feeding nicely into the new All I Ever Wanted, Everything You Are and the anthemic title track, Fallen Empires – which is quite possibly the highlight of this exhilarating evening, played out as it is beneath a canopy of blood red light offset by the crystalline graphics screaming for attention from the huge screen at the back of the stage – this a gig and a night to remember for a very, very long time to come.

Chris High

Tour:   Nottingham, February 1st
                Manchester, February 3rd
                Birmingham, February 4th
                Newcastle, February 5th
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