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Talon: The Best Of The Eagles /
Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac
Liverpool Empire Theatre
18th September, 2005
In Aid Of The Variety Club Of Great Britain

Promotional image of Talon


'Yeah, but these are really good,' must be the most often used phrase concerning tribute bands. Then, when the lights have risen again after a dire night of ineffectual entertainment, the speaker of wisdom turns out to be the band's drummer's Auntie Maud.

Not so with Talon: The Best Of The Eagles. They were good. Very good.
Consisting of Jonathan Miller, Chris Lloyd, Peter Anderson, Tony Vegas, Simon Millest and guest, Derek Thurlby, here was a band during which an audience could shut their eyes and almost believe that they were in the presence of Don Henley and Co.

Never trying to imitate, Talon performed a tight set of Eagles hits that had the audience dancing in the aisles - Take It Easy, Lying Eyes, Take It To The Limit and a truly beautiful version of Desperado were played with gusto, reverence and professionalism that underlined the moniker of their blurb as to being the best Eagles tribute around. The highlight of the set though had to be the close harmony singing of Seven Bridges Road, the number on which The Eagles started on their World Tour of three years ago, whereas the mega-hit Hotel California was played with a surreal echo of the classic nostalgia trip; its lyrics might still smack of being a clichéd homage to the music of its time, but its guitar solo finale surely remains amongst the greatest riffs ever written and was played faultlessly.

So on to Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac.

Again, this was tight and professional set that was delivered with aplomb. However, this was a set designed more for the aficionado of Fleetwood Mac. Gypsy opened the set with Louise Rogan sounding for all the world like Stevie Nicks at her height; soulful, powerful and lusty. Everywhere, Black Magic Woman and Second Hand News proving to be the former set highlight and that which got the most reaction from the audience, with barely a still hand in the place.


Of Fleetwood Mac

RFM then moved through lesser-known tunes such as Ah Well and Rattlesnake Shake before announcing that they were a bit pushed for time and getting on with hits.

Albatross duly followed by Little Lies lifted the tempo again, before the classic anthem of petrol heads everywhere was broken into - The Chain - from the ground breaking, zillion selling album Rumours. What a track this is and here, it was played with spine tingling verve and enthusiasm. What an encore!

Go Your Own Way and Don't Stop (Thinking About Tomorrow) closed the show with Talon joining their counterparts on stage for an uproarious climax of musical excess.
Two great bands of days past can be rightly proud to have these tribute bands doing the rounds and keeping their hits alive. 'Yeah, but these are really good,' just does not do them justice.

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Hi Chris,

Thank you so much for sending the link to your site. What a wonderful, well written review! All details and names correct. How rare is that! So glad you enjoyed the gig. .

All the best and thanks again for a stunning review.
Annica Lloyd

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