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Talon: The best of the Eagles live in Falmouth 2005 - concert review.

Talon: The Best Of The Eagles
Princess Pavillions Falmouth 25th October 2005

Reviewed by Diane Perry

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As I walked into the dimly lit hall on Tuesday night the first things I noticed were no less than 11 guitars, (yes, 11 !!!!) lined up on stage in similar fashion to the way my mother has lined up Dad's golfing trophies on their mantelpiece at home. I knew there and then it was going to be a great night !!!

At around 10 past 8 the guys Chris, Peter, Tony, Simon, Jonny and guest musician Derek appeared on stage to the biggest, cheeriest, clappiest welcome I'd ever seen in the sleepy Cornish town of Falmouth. Happily it seemed Talon's reputation had gone before them.


They opened with Peaceful Easy Feeling. Straight away I noticed my feet were tapping completely involuntarily. This was followed by Sad Café, Hotel California, Take It To The Limit, Lying Eyes and The Last Resort to name but a few, all played and sung to perfection.

What I liked most of all was how each main member of the group had their own showcase section. This allowed us to hear their distinctly individual voices separately, yet when they all sang together, how perfectly harmonious the group sound was also.

Personalities got a chance to shine too. Chris, so confident and rightly so. Peter, the nice guy, Simon the drummer quietly getting on with the job of keeping rhythm, Tony, whose sense of humour might have made him appear a bit 'different' if it wasn't for the huge respect you couldn't help but acknowledge for his incredible singing voice and guitar playing. And Jon…..well…..all that talent AND good-looking too. Cor !

My favourite song of the night ? Don Henley's Heart of the Matter beautifully sung by Chris with his eyes closed, he said he loved singing it - it showed !!

Moment that blew me away ? Seven Bridges sung as a five part harmony. Simply unforgettable !!

Talon's version of Desperado during the encore brought tears to my eyes.
Then the evening I didn't want to end finished with everyone on their feet for Take it Easy. What a night !! How I wish I had tickets to see them tomorrow at Carnglaze Caverns.




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