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The Eagles concert review 2006

Live at Twickenham Rugby Stadium

Saturday 17 June 2006

Review by Chris Raymond


Live in concert are The Eagles


The Eagles performing live 2006

My husband and I live in Twickenham so to stroll down to the Stadium instead of avoiding traffic jams was a huge treat. We left the residential estate and joined a different world alongside crowds of pedestrians heading for the venue. It was a very hot evening so getting beer was essential before finding our seats! The warm up with “The Dixie Chicks” was fast and loud - an excellent group of musicians indeed. The interval sped by with many fans stuck in queues for merchandise, loos or beer! I was just heading back to my seat when the roar of the crowd heralded the presence of The Band on stage!



Apart from Glenn, Don, Timothy and Joe - The Eagles themselves - there were about eleven guys backing The Band. Glenn was the main spokesperson, not to be missed in his bright cerise shirt! The four members of the "Horn Section" played on a raised plinth to one side of the stage. They all wore black hats and very brightly coloured shirts. From time to time they choreographed their movements in unison. Throughout the Concert various scenes or very colourful kaleidoscopic patterns were displayed on a series of screens at the back of the stage. The total time that the Band was playing came to two hours thirty five minutes!

After opening with 'Take It Easy' and 'Witchy Woman' Glenn welcomed the audience. Tongue in cheek he referred to this “Farewell Tour 1” - for who knows yet if it's the last one?! During the first session most numbers were very well known, slower ones though towards the end Joe led 'In the City' which started to liven things up. There was one more song before the ‘loo break’ but with the promise of a long second part! Just before this got underway there was old footage of the Band shown on the big screens, which was great fun to watch.

A very bold red backdrop was on the screens behind the stage as The Band kicked off again with 'Tequila Sunrise'. There were huge cheers when the focus came on Timothy and he greeted all fans, including those "up in the sky" - the top level of the North stand farthest away from the stage! His distinctive voice led 'Love Will Keep Us Alive' and then their new song 'No More Cloudy Days' featuring the saxophone was performed. 'Hole In The World' was introduced as a prayer which was written following the September 11th atrocities.

'Take It to The Limit' had the audience really singing and there was already a very noticeable change in the atmosphere. The pace was notched up again as they launched into a good few heavy rock numbers! Joe looked great in his psychedelic pants but when he put on a yellow hard hat with a ‘helmet cam’ to film the audience we were in for a treat! He was crazy - running along the stage from end to end - or maybe that should read “HE’S COOL” which flashed up on the screens!

By now several beach balls were being bounced around the stadium and a great many fans were up and dancing. All too soon ‘Life In The Fast Lane' was over and the musicians were waving goodbye as they walked off stage! The crowd screamed for more, knowing full well that they’d soon be back! What happened next was just magical - the spotlight picked out a solo trumpet player wearing a very large sombrero which was glowing red. There was an uncanny stillness during his performance; then the whole place went wild at the first strains of 'Hotel California'. That was priceless!

All left the stage again returning for two fast numbers, another exit, then back for 'Already Gone' before taking their leave once again. It didn’t seem possible that they would come back again but we were suddenly aware of Glenn at the keyboard and when 'Desperado' began, very quietly, the atmosphere was electric. What an emotional ending with everyone joining in and singing back with feeling, "You better let somebody love you … before it's too late .. " There could be no doubt that this was the last number! The Eagles sure knew how to take their bows, acknowledging fans in every part of the huge stadium, seeming reluctant to make that final exit.

Fans were soon streaming out of the venue into the balmy night. As we walked home we revelled in the atmosphere as everyone around chatted noisily, really lifted by the mood created at this fabulous gig. A couple of fans behind us started to sing a few lines and joining in we enthused together until our ways parted. I’ve already decided that if there is another “Farewell Tour” I’ll definitely go to see this very special Band again!

Mrs Chris Raymond (with more than a little help from Mr Chris Raymond!)





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