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The Kaiser Chiefs

The Pavilion, Aintree Racecourse
Liverpool Music Week Festival

Friday December 7, 2008.

Image: The Kaiser Chiefs live In Concert 2007

The Aintree Pavilion was a chilly place to be but the Kaiser Chiefs had no problem in raising the temperature. From this performance tonight you wouldn’t think that they were a band that had been touring for the past five weeks, as there were certainly no signs of fatigue.


Ricky Wilson, a spark of energy from the start, had The Kaisers begin their show with a lively rendition of Everything Is Average Nowadays and so put Noel Gallagher’s assertion of the band being “A second rate Blur” firmly into the bin where it belongs.


The crowd, a wide mixture of indie kids, scensters and scallies, all seemed to enjoy themselves and bounced along to every song and heeding Ricky’s call when he ask for them to “raise the #*@+~#% roof!” So when the big anthems I Predict a Riot, Ruby and Na Na Na Na Naa were unleashed the crowd went wild.

The performance looked so tightly strung, it seemed impossible for them to miss a beat or get their timing wrong and in Ricky Wilson they have an excellent lead man. His antics make the show, climbing all over the scaffolding surrounding the stage and his microphone whirling rivals that of The Who’s Roger Daltry to an extent it may even be better, with Ricky’s most impressive trick to throw the mic stand at least 10 feet in the air and catching it effortlessly.

But Wilson’s best moment of the night came when he appeared at the back of hall on a minute stage to perform a song to those who weren’t lucky enough to be at the front, and by making the crowd split in a manner that was almost biblical so that he could sprint between the two stages, receiving numerous pats on the back from the amazed crowd on the way.

Angry Mob quickly followed and the chant of “We are the angry mob….” must have echoed all round Aintree racecourse all night long.

The encore soon came and after mellowing the crowd with their recent single, Love’s Not A Competition, they then got everyone jumping again with Thank You Very Much and the classic Oh My God (much better than Mark Ronson’s version) which ended the show with a crescendo quite literally as Ricky finished off by hitting the drum’s cymbals before bowing with his counterparts and leaving the stage.
A truly explosive night.  



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