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Chris High reviews the movie 'Cinderella Man'

Cinderella Man

Russell Crowe, Rene Zellweger, Paul Giamatti, Craig Bierko
Director: Ron Howard
Distributor: Buena Vista International

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With the dream-team partnership of Ron Howard and Russell Crowe teaming up again after the phenomenal success of A Beautiful Mind, hype surrounding the true story of a boxing legend can be expected to be high. However in the case of Cinderella Man, the hype can be believed. This is a beautifully told, fantastically shot and wonderfully adapted story of a true generational hero of America's thirties and forties. James J. Braddock.  

The film starts with Braddock (Crowe) on the cusp of boxing greatness and comfortably set for the rest of his life. However, with the Wall Street Crash of 1929, several injuries - including severely broken hands and a shattered shoulder due to a car accident - all of this is wiped away and Braddock, his wife Mae (Zellwegger) and their three young children are forced into the hostile lands brought on by poverty. Rather than buckle, however, they make do.

Braddock is then (in Rocky style - Stallone drew inspiration from the life of Braddock) given a one off chance to pay off his debts by taking on a contender for the heavyweight crown … and beats him against all the odds. From then on, history is written, as The Cinderella Man (as the Pressof the day dubbed Braddock) sees off three other contenders before having his chance of claiming the crown from Max Baer (Bierko).

Heart warming, poignant and uplifting, Cinderella Man is the zenith of Crowe's & Howard's career. Forget Gladiator and Apollo Thirteen: neither man will ever make a film to top this for atmosphere, credibility and craftsmanship. The boxing scenes - Crowe was coached by Angelo Dundee, trainer of a certain Mister Ali - are in a league that even outdoes boxing classics of the standing of Raging Bull.

This is easily the best movie to be released this year and is guaranteed to win award after award at next year's Oscar ceremony. Quite simply, this is beautiful movie from the creator's of A Beautiful Mind.

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