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Hannibal Rising review.


Gaspard Ulliel, Li Gong, Rhys Ifans, Dominic West, Kevin McKidd, Aaron Thomas, Helena Lia Tachovska, Richard Brake

Classification: 18
Directed by: Peter Webber

Front cover of the book by Jimmy Lee Shreeve: Blood Rites


The Well of Fortune that is the Hannibal Lecter series is now dry. Surely nothing else can be gleaned from the best selling Thomas Harris novels other than money and the cheating of audiences with trite, over-acted and utterly under whelming movies such as this.


The story, paper thin and totally pointless though it may be, revolves around trying to understand exactly why the infamous Doctor is the way he is. IF this is ever “explained” it passed me by, except for the fact Lecter’s sister was murdered, and why this attempt to analyse the man was ever made though, remains as much of a mystery. Surely the appeal of the character lies in his knowing everything about everyone whilst he remains a completely closed book?

True Gaspard Ulliel would be Oscar nominated if such acclamations came on the back of being able to leer. Unfortunately, it takes a bit more than that and his delivery of the few lines he has seem forced and wooden to say the least.

Yes, the settings are good but these tend to drown out what little action there is in the director’s “desire” to create a twentieth century Transylvania. This is the Gothic over-burden of Hammer revisited except chills are nowhere to be found and the throw away lines of yore, necessary to lighten the load, have been abandoned in favour of over-acted and over-stated “menace” from a B-list cast.

Please, do yourselves a favour. Go and see anything other than this mess of a film. Better still, invite an old friend for dinner and watch soap operas all evening. You’ll enjoy them more.



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