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Blanchard Ryan / Daniel Travis
Chris Kentis (Dir) R Laura Lou (Prod)

A scene from the film Open Water starring Blanchard Ryan & Daniel Travis
Ever had one of those films that you just wished you'd seen in the pictures BUT never quite got round to? 'Open Water was one of those for me. I like 'based on real events' flicks. Touching The Void!! Now there's a film.

In similar vein, this, too, is reputed to be based on fact. Two stressed vacationers get away from it all off Florida's coast and, like you do, charter a boat to dive from along the coral coastline. Trouble is, when they surface, the boat's gone!!!
There then follows 90 minutes of 'I Love You' interspersed with 'Oh, so it's MY fault now, is it?' type arguments.
The cinematography is good and the perils of the deep (IE Sharks, Barracudas, Jelly Fish) are exemplified to the max.
It also has a 'Blair Witch' feel to it, which is convincing and watching a couple have the kind of luck usually reserved for Helen & myself, is gratifying in the extreme.
In fact, for around 90 % of the movie, I was considering whether or not to get the book out of my local library. Not great and certainly not Touching The Void, Open Water still held a sort of charm.
The acting's not great, but it's passable. Hey this low budget taken to the extremes. The only thing missing is curly haired porno man and the bad sound track. Actually, the only thing missing is curly haired porno man!!
So why aren't I getting the book?
Because of the ending? I'm about to break a golden rule and spill the beans here. So if you want to get this film out, look away NOW!!!
Based on a true story, yeah? Young couple adrift at sea, yeah? Encounter and survive the rigours of the deep, yeah?
NO!!! They both die!! Which leads to the obvious question, if they both cop it, who tells their story? Could they not have simply been left adrift / knocked themselves out underwater / got eaten inside 5 minutes of getting in the water (the film is timed, by the way) / swam away to become Buddhist monks / became followers of the great cult Cousteau OR any other scenarios?
Who knows what happened to them? Nobody, that's who! So, to base this on 'real events' is not only a lie, it's a big blue whale CHEATER of a lie and it left me feeling very disappointed. For nearly 2 hours I put myself into a situation with the characters that were supposed to have been true, but may - and probably weren't - true. I empathised and sympathised and cried with them (well, nearly). Only to be told 'you've been had' at the end.
Well, sorry I don't think so. I'm watching Shark's Tale next week, for some aquine reality !!!
Oh, and by the way, how pleased am I that I didn't fork out nearly £11:00 to watch this when it was out first time around !!!!



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