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Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans, Jessica Alba,
Loan Gruffudd, Julian McMahon

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The original superhero team have hit the screens and what's more, truly live up to their names and hype.

With more special effects than grand night out at EPCOT, this is a slick paced, funny, well-acted thrill fest that will keep kids and adults enthralled throughout its ninety minute running time.


The four scientists, Reed Richards (Gruffudd), Sue Storm (Alba) her brother Johnny (Evans) and Ben Grimm (Chiklis), are sent into space alongside egocentric boss Victor von Doom (McMahon), to see how life on earth began. A freak storm, however, reacts with their DNA and graces them with special powers. One becomes a human torch, another can stretch like rubber, one has invisibility at will and the fourth has amazing strength and a terrible complexion. Naturally, von Doom isn't a nice guy to be around.

Unlike other Superhero flicks, the pace simply refuses to let up. From full - blown action sequences, to witty one-liners, usually delivered by Evans, your eyes cannot leave the screen for a second. And as for badness personified, McMahon excels. Also unusual for such CGI generated fantasies, the effects are mind-bogglingly realistic and shy away from the tacky at every turn.

As for the acting, well its as if the cast were born for their roles and the only let down is that Jessica Alba turns bashful when crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. Gruffudd, meanwhile, will surely now become a household name in Hollywood, after more or less supporting roles beforehand in films such as 101 Dalmations. His geeky sincerity in playing Richards - or Doctor Fantastic - is both endearing and exceedingly human, without ever becoming wooden. As for Evans & Chiklis, as a double act they should hit the stage rather than each other, as they seem to have a natural chemistry that works and works well.

This film is fun. It's not going to win any awards, but does it pretend that it will? No. Made to entertain, it does just that and leaves the somewhat staid, slow pace of Spiderman / Batman/ Superman / Daredevil trailing a long way behind. Cheesy it maybe, but what else would anybody expect from a comic book storyline?
To coin a cliché, this is a movie that is truly Fantastic.

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