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Chris High reviews the movie 'Wedding Crashers'

Wedding Crashers

Owen Wilson (Starskey & Hutch) Vince Vaughn (Dodgeball) Christopher Walken, Jane Seymour, Isla Fisher (Scooby-Doo), Rachel McAdams (Notebook)
New Line Cinema
Director: David Dobkin

Wedding Crashers the movie starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn


What better way to meet girls than at a wedding? So runs the premise for this movie in which John (Owen) and Jeremy (Vaughn) follow a set of rules in a game they have been introduced to years before. However, John is getting tired of the constant lies he has to tell and agrees to one last bash - at the society wedding of the year - on the understanding its to be the last. Christopher Walken is the bride's father at the do, fulfilling a role already played by De Niro in Meet The Fockers, and also of the Chief Bridesmaid's Claire & Gloria. Jane Seymour is Mrs Cleary, Walken's wife.

This is a movie saved from mediocrity by, more or less, the supporting cast. Isla Fisher is superb as the under / over sexed Gloria, whereas Ms Seymour is on fine form as the bored wife looking for some fun. The one-liners come thick and fast and keep the pace of the formulaic "boy-meets-girl" storyline alive and refreshingly different, not to say strictly non-PC. Owen, for his part, is a little understated in his role, as is McAdams as the love-torn Claire, whereas Vaughn seems to have been born to play the sulking teenager trapped in a mans body-part role.

This is a fun movie. Though its never going to be anybody's top ten of all time comedy greats, it has enough in it to make a cosy home for itself beside the CGI bedecked summer blockbusters that are coming thick and fast from right around the corner and will fill a couple of hours nicely, once the weather breaks in time for the school holidays. 3/5

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