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When Brendan Met Trudy
The words "Romantic" & "Comedy" in the same description of a movie generally gets rewarded with a look at the nearest TV guide so as to avoid going to see it.
However when offered the opportunity of reviewing this "Romantic Comedy", 2 things persuaded me to do it 1: It's my first go. 2 : Roddy Doyle wrote the script and a fine job of it he's done too.

Set in Dublin, Brendan (Peter McDonald, Nora) is a disenchanted, History teaching, baritone singing, movie buff with few friends and a loathsome family which are non-too pleased when he meets Trudy (Flora Montgomery) a beautiful, fast talking blond who has a secret nightime occupation . "Everybody's a sheep" she says "just from different flocks"
As can be expected from a movie scripted by Doyle (The Commitments) the pace is fast, loose and to the point but above all funny.
Especially when Brendan thinks that Trudy's nightlife consists of major surgical practices !!
Funny, moving and brilliantly acted (watch out for Gabriel Byrne cameo) this BBC funded picture is good fun and not what you'd expect at all.





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