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A Fistful Of Collars

Royal Court, Liverpool
April 16 – May 15
Author: Fred Lawless
Director:  Bob Eaton
Cast Includes: Pauline Daniels, Alan Stocks, Suzanne Collins, Lindzi Germain, Lenny Wood, Eithne Browne, Jake Abraham, Charlotte Harrison

Running Time: 2 hrs

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Set in a struggling dry cleaners, A Fistful of Collars sees sisters Pat and Eileen ( Pauline Daniels and Eithne Browne) hit on the idea of hiring designer dresses to Liverpool’s glitterati. Throw in a corrupt landlord (Abrahams), a thick shop assistant (Woods) , a drugged copper (Stocks), a PA on a mission (Collins) and a suit bagged “appearance” by Coleen Rooney (Harrison) and what you have is a scene set for laughs and mayhem.


The success of  A Merry Ding Dong at Christmas has seen a quick return to the theatre of writer Fred Lawless for this comedy that ranges between standard slapstick and original hilarity. However, what truly stands out is the fact that the ensemble of actors the Royal Court has as gathered together gel so well that the cracks are barely visible.

Lenny Woods and Alan Stocks provide hilarity in abundance, with their quirky outrageousness delivered with impeccable aplomb.  Browne and Daniels hold the story together with their straighter performances, ably backed by Suzanne Collins who has a more serious role that underlines that there’s more to her than just the dizzy blonde she usually plays here. Lindzi Germain’s Leona, a wannabe fashion guru, is as powerful in her presence and performance as one might expect, whereas as Jake Abraham is suitably sinister as Curtis, the Land / Gang Lord.

If there is a complaint it is in the fact that the play could easily lose twenty minutes each side of the break as the point is  somewhat driven home, but overall this is clean cut comic capering at its best and is well worth going to see. Chris High


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