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Aftermath (Aftermath) and
Behind Closed Doors (Behind Closed Doors) (Click to Watch)

The Odeon, Liverpool One

Author:  Kerry Williams
Director: Kerry Williams and Steve Hazelhurst
Director of Photography: Len Gowing
Producer: Elegance Productions
Cast includes: Kerry Williams, Steve Hazelhurst (Aftermath)  Kerry Williams, James Spofforth, Steven Fletcher (Behind Closed Doors).

AftermathLiverpool is a city brimming with talent, a fact that few ever try to deny but one which is underlined by productions such as these two short films.  Both are on one side deeply poignant, whereas on the other not a little disturbing.

Aftermath explores the effects of knife crime and especially on the parents of the victims. Deeply emotional without being cloying or overly sentimental, the writing, photography and acting are all exemplary and the manner in which the message gets delivered is first rate.

Behind Closed DoorsAn altogether different scenario is provided in Behind Closed Doors which explores the complexity of love and relationships from an entirely original, amusing and strangely dark point of view. Once you understand the problems of the couple involved, again played brilliantly by Williams with the always superb James Spofforth opposite, then if you’re honest you’ll admit that you didn’t see the reveal coming at all.

As a showcase to what Kerry Williams and her team at Elegance Productions can do, these two film are excellent choices. With their stage play, Meet The Deans soon to be unveiled before audiences at Liverpool’s Unity Theatre from September 8 – 11, it is clear that there is so much more to come and long may it continue.




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