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Ciggie Run

Theatre Royal, Saint Helens

February 3 – February 13

Author: John Evans
Director: Sylvie Gatrill
Producer: Theatre Royal
Cast Includes: Louis Emerick, Jodie Nesbitt, Micky Finn, Kev Seed, Ozzie Yue, Franny Bennett, Charlie Griffiths, Steven Williamson, Stephen Hill, Dez Oakes

Running Time: 2 hrs.

  'The Ciggie Run' Promotional Poster

The Theatre Royal is an exciting place to be at the moment and, following recent hits The Salon and Four Girls & A Caravan, John Evans’ The Ciggie Run looks set to provide Merseyside theatre with another fun night out.

The credit crunch is biting deep into Chrissie’s struggling Liverpool Bar and, with Fitzy and Satan demanding more money with menaces than he can possibly afford, he and his mates Lash and Franna have decided pillaging Europe of it tobacco is as sensible a way to get some easy money as any.

Established TV and theatre actors Louis Emerick and Ozzie Yue gives a solid performances as Chrissie and Lasha respectively, aided comfortably by Liverpool DJ Kev Seed as Franna. Veteran stand up Micky Finn is also great value as Shakes, a washed up old drunk who only lives for his next beer in order to “forget”.

But this show – and this theatre – is all about the up-and-coming talent that Merseyside is renowned for producing. Not least of which is Jodie Nesbitt who takes her chance to shine before a near sell out audience, playing Chanel, Chrissie’s love struck barmaid and soon-to-be air hostess, with great timing, style and poise. Also impressive are Steven Williamson as naive hijacker Fernando, who somehow manages to keep it together brilliantly when things briefly flirt with collapse,  Charlie Griffiths who’s dual roles as of tarty, bondage loving Vera  and stuck up Grace are quite memorable if a too short, and Stephen Hill as Hilary which is a moniker that’s clearly short for hilarious.

Yes there are faults and some tightening up of the script is necessary – particularly the reveal as to what it is that Shakes is trying to “forget” –but nevertheless The Ciggie Run is still a whole lot of fun.



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