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Promotional advert for Cinderella: Mop! In The Name of LoveCinderella: Mop! In The Name of Love

Liverpool Playhouse
December 3 2011 – January 2012

Everyman Liverpool Playhouse official websiteAuthor: Sara A Nixon
Director: Mark Chatterton
Producer: Everyman Playhouse
Cast Includes: Adam Keast, Rebecca Bainbridge, Francis Tucker, Jonny Bower, Robert Gilbert,
Sarah Vezmar, Chris Lindon

Running Time: 2 hrs 40 mins

Prior to watching a pantomime you have many expectations of the show ahead; you want corny jokes, men in drag, sing a longs and plenty of audience participation, oh yes you do (Sorry...). "Cinderella", dubbed a 'Rock 'N' Roll panto', at the Liverpool Playhouse is a classic pantomime with a modern twist which meets all the said criteria and delivers a classy, funny and thoroughly entertaining show. Whilst staying true to the original fairy tale, this version of Cinderella is most certainly set in the 21st Century with references to Lady Gaga, Shelia's Wheels and the inspired gag that Prince Charming had taken a 'Gap Yah'.

Rather than featuring a smattering of former Soap Star 'Celebrities' of dubious talent, "Cinderella" stars classically trained actors who deliver engaging, and at times, hilarious performances. Whilst most pantomimes are traditionally made solely for children, "Cinderella" injects just the right amount of smut and innuendo into the script to ensure the production is just as enjoyable for the big kids in the audience as it is the children.

The stars of the show are undoubtedly Titiana MacBeeth (Adam Keast) and Wilhelmina MacBeeth (Francis Tucker), who superbly portray 'The Ugly Sisters' from the classic tale. Their entrance is delightfully camp and the laughs begin from the second they announce their names; which their Mother, the evil Maud MacBeeth (Rebecca Bainbridge), declares they must never shorten. I can't possibly imagine why.

Titiana and Wilhelmina are responsible for the majority of audience participation, even venturing forth into the stalls to launch indiscriminate attacks with water pistols; an aspect of the show I wasn't thrilled with given that I'd spent a good hour on my hair and make up!!

The entire production of the show is a visual feast; from the impressive set to the vibrant and colourful costumes, Cinderella's final ball gown is quintessentially 'fairy tale' and is perfect for the romantic final scenes with her Prince Charming.

Zoe Delaney.

Everyman Liverpool Playhouse official website



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