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Cirque du Ciel live on stage in 2012'Cirque du Ciel
Shang Hi

Liverpool Empire Theatre
20 - 21 June, 2012

Director: Guy Caron
Producer: Cirque du Theatre & CPPA Productions
Cast: The Beijing Acrobatic Troupe

Running Time: 1 hr 50 mins

There are no other words to describe this wonderful circus show than totally, totally astonishing. From the little girl who lifts her body by one arm to “stand” perpendicular atop a single pole, and then to swap arms to pivot around in a perfect circle, to the tumblers who risk the safety of not only themselves but those in the front row as they twist and turn through hoops that are stacked ever higher.

There is so much to say about this show, it almost impossible to say anything without spoiling it for those yet to witness this truly remarkable spectacle. The costumes, the video presentations and the music – my God, the music – and in particular the percussion which is immaculately performed live on stage by a single drummer almost entirely, all are simply sumptuous and add layer upon layer to what is an already incredible ocular delight.

But it is the performers – the incredibly young performers who, it has to be said, will surely knock those yet to perform in London in search of Bronze, Silver and Gold later this year into a cocked hat.

The Monkey Pole finale – wherein the men in the troupe start by mounting and climbing the poles by using merely the strength they posses in their upper arms alone, a sight which really does have to be seen to be believed – and the girl who wraps herself in ribbon, thirty or so feet above the stage with a simple mattress beneath her, to unfurl her body within centimetres of the stage.

Then there are the jugglers, the dancers, the martial artists and the break dancers who use each other as “equipment” ... like I said, there is way too much to describe and not spoil the effects for those yet to see this phenomenal spectacle.

So, with that said, stop reading and get clicking. Book tickets now. You will surely not regret spending your hard earned cash on this exceptional show. Follow the link below for a mere taste of what to expect. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Chris High.

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