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Come to the Cabaret

Liner Hotel, Liverpool
May 7th 2011

Producer: Tony West Entertainment
Directors: Barbara Brown, Alan Brown, Gar Ng
Cast Includes: Stu Francis, Melanie, Sandi West, Kimira, Van Bruen & Co, The Deltatones, Gary Slade, Rob Graham.

Running Time: 4 hrs.

Judging by the response of the audience at this,  the first of many such old school cabaret evenings, that argument there is a certain hunger for variety is more than justified as no fewer than eight acts lined up to take the stage.

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With Laurel and Hardy impersonators and table side magicians Gary Slade and Rob Graham meeting and greeting ,the evening is set fair for a party and that is exactly what in ensued. Though perhaps an investment in a superior sound system would have helped immensely, Sandi West set the tone of by delivers her short set with consummate professionalism.

Crackerjack’s Stu Francis works hard to keep things flowing, delivering a fine patter in jokes old and new between the acts; a tough job that he manages with a slick ease the experienced make seem easy.

With The Tony West Show Girls delivering the requisite glitz, leotards and feathers, the young solo vocalists Melanie and Kimira deliver the real style, particularly the latter who without question has a voice worthy of many a headlining slot up and down the land.

Van Buren & Co take the whole show back a couple of decades, performing illusions, feats of juggling and, yes, a plate spinning act that smacks a little of holiday camps of yore, but still has the audience willing them on with great enthusiasm. As music duo, The Deltatones, drew to a close a pleasant evening of entertainment, the argument that the hunger for variety still lingers is abundantly clear.

Chris High




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