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Promotional poster for Crazy Right NowCrazy Right Now

Epstein Theatre, Liverpool.
Sunday March 24th

Director: Miguel Doforo
Producer: MD Productions in association with Orb Events
Performers Include: The Estrelles, Mic Lowry, The Valentine Brothers, Dance Champions

Running Time: 3 hrs.

Who would have believed that a seasoned Rock Head like me could ever be found to have been more than impressed with a show / tribute to the self-styled Queen of Pop, Beyonce? Yet, thanks to some dazzling effects, a range of lasers, some superb vocal and dance performances this is precisely what I was on a freezing cold Spring evening, although the surprise of this revelation becomes even more bizarre when considering the inauspicious start the proceedings underwent.

No matter how talented, enthusiastic and energetic a dance troupe are – all of which goes someway to describing the superb Dance Champions, who number around fifty participants from the age of four to eighteen – and no matter how bright the lights, whistles and bells, the prospect of sitting through 3 hours plus of the former Destiny’s Child songstresses tunes being played at deafening volumes from a CD player, turned the blood as cold as the frigid air outside. Perhaps one, maybe two songs being performed in this way straight out of the stalls may have been a better bet, but to have almost twenty minutes covering three tracks did not exactly set the nerves jangling with excitement.

Thank goodness then for the emergence from stage right of three lads and an acoustic guitar. Actually, scratch that.  Three incredibly gifted lads who also happen to be The Valentine Brothers, Joel, Sam and Reuben, who belted out Love on Top with vim and vigour that only underlines not only their current status but also their stunning potential.

Next up to sing live was were the girls from The Estrelles, who both together and individually provided a number of songs throughout the evening but none more emotionally charged than their version of Dangerous Thing Called Love, Sweet Love – performed beautifully by Kelly Flannagan – and Halo. How on earth these didn’t go further on X-Factor only the Great God of Music (and Simon Cowell) knows, for these are a simply superb quartet.

Then there came Mic Lowry, whose pared down and rapped up version of B and Bee Gee’s mega hit Emotions, took this superb ballad to places it possibly never even thought existed.

The dancers – especially the young “young” kids – joined things together beautifully in the end and if any improvement to this show can be made, it is to leave the live tracks alone – cutting off mid-crowd roar just leads to embarrassed silence both on the stage and off it – and not to be quite so populated on stage at one time. There were fears that some dancers might actually lose an eye on occasion.

With the titular Crazy Right Now bringing the ticker-tape, the flashes, the bangs, the lasers the flames, and yes, the songs both live and recorded to a thunderous climax and the audience to its feet, this was certainly one party you should kick yourself for missing and one you’d definitely be Crazy to miss should it come around again anytime soon.
Chris High




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