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Francis Tucker in Di_Is_Dead (c) Brian RobertsDi is Dead
Liverpool Playhouse Studio

April 17 – April 27

Author / Director: Robert Farquhar
Producer: Peccadillo Theatre Company
Cast: Francis Tucker

Running Time: 1 hr 20 mins (No Interval)

“I’d decided to write a book. I mean, how hard can it be being a writer? You just sit around all day and make shit up, right?”

These are opinions of Graham, a wannabe author of a telling, gritty, anarchic “truth-or-dare” account of mid-Nineties Britain from the edge ... a Britain that is thrown into mourning by the sudden death of Lady Diana / Princess Di / The People’s Princess etc. etc etc.

Though the death of a national heroine may not be the usual fodder of classical, brilliantly performed and – above all – hilarious comedy, make no mistake about it, this is exactly what Robert Farquhar and Francis Tucker have delivered with just a chair, a bottle of water, some Oasis backing tracks and a bit of moody lighting. Oh, and a script that has clearly not been written by a guy who “just sits around all day and makes shit up” and an actor who is just a little bit more than The Panto Dame at The Everyman.

Francis Tucker is extraordinary as Graham and gives a performance so choc-a-bloc with energy and enthusiasm, it is as exhausting to watch as it must be to perform. His mannerisms, delivery and timing are all picture perfect, his engagement faultless.

Robert Farquhar has created a comic masterpiece here and by staging it in the Playhouse Studio has come up with a theatrical masterstroke, inasmuch as the intimacy of the surroundings bring out the full manic drive of Graham in those watching so as to infect them with his angst; every cringe, every twist, every wide eyed stare are felt and appreciated all the more for the relationship that develops and so gives the piece more dimensions than Star Trek and more levels than the London Shard.

A truly exceptional night of performance comedy that will live long in the memory and one that – genuinely – should not be missed.
Chris High


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