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Epstein: The Man Who Made The BeatlesEpstein: The Man Who Made The Beatles

Epstein Theatre, Liverpool
November 15 – December 1

Author: Andrew Sherlock
Producer: Bill Elms & Jen Heyes Productions Ltd.
Director: Jen Heyes
Cast: Andrew Lancel, Will Finlason

Running Time: 2 hrs

Brian Epstein was an enigma; incredibly enigmatic, a showman, a salesman and the man behind The Beatles. In Andrew Sherlock’s touching and sensational play about his life, all of the moments that blend, blur and get wrapped up in the mythology of the band that put Liverpool on the entertainment map are seen through the eyes of one young man and of course the one and only Epstein.

The theatre that proudly bears his name above the door and on the side of the building has undergone a transformation that the man himself would no doubt be pleased by. From the Neptune to the Epstein! The newly refurbished theatre has come of age in such a short space of time that it reflects wonderfully Brian’s rapid rise as the man who gave Liverpool its fast resurgence in the national conscious after the damage done to its heart after the Second World War.

The complexity of Brian Epstein’s life was captured and neatly framed by this imaginary meeting of a lad from Liverpool out to find the real face, the real man behind the façade and stories neatly written about his complicated existence. Although the success of the production is not just down to one person, with many people deserving the full praise from a city for bringing the story to the stage, the three people who earn much adulation for undoubtedly the finest theatre production this year are the excellent writer Andrew Sherlock and the two actors, the incomparable Andrew Lancel as the eponymous and intense Epstein and the brilliant Will Finlason as ‘This Boy’. 

Both actors showed a presence that audiences beg and dream of witnessing on a stage. Mr. Lancel was astonishing as the man who made the Beatles, every characteristic was beautifully captured, every floating whimsy caught with style and every mannerism wonderfully executed and breath-taking in its apparent simplicity.

The impressive Mr. Finlason too deserves equal praise for his portrayal as the young man who sets out to find the real Brian Epstein and his dedication in bringing the vision of the man and the times successfully to the stage more than matched Mr. Lancel’s. 
A knock-out of a production and the finest performances of 2012!
Ian D. Hall.




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