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The Future West and Auto Cycle Union British Supercross Championship

Liverpool Echo Arena

Round 2 & 3.
Friday January 25 and Saturday January 26

Image: London Supercross

Excitement, versatility and dynamism; three words at the epicentre of Capital of Culture year and never has this ethos been better presented than over two nights at The Echo Arena. Gone were the seats, the stage and mixing desk from the floor area, replaced with tons and tons of dirt so that bikers from as young as six and upwards could demonstrate their skills at high speeds and with alarming agility.

The punishment the riders must take as they hit bumps and ramps at speeds of up to seventy miles per hour must be colossal, and the ability to remain upright requires such concentration it almost beggars belief, as was shown when Lewis Chapman was taken out of the Youth Championship when a back marker cut through from the top tier of the track and inadvertently crashed into him.

Image: London supercrossThis was a night of high-octane thrills and spills that was warmly welcomed by the 6,000 plus crowd of Liverpool, for the first time. Magnificently staged, the atmosphere was at a revved-up maximum, as Mike Brown hurtled around the track on his Cass Honda to win the Pro-Open class event with two bends and a high flick of his bike over the Treble jump to spare. Other highlights included the Head-to-Head event, which also won Brown a pot of £645 of change donated by the crowd, and 9 year-old Tommy Schofield winning the Auto’s final.

These were two truly wonderful nights of entertainment that must surely be repeated on an annual basis.




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