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The Bridge Chapel Adult Centre, Liverpool

June 6, 2013

Producer: The Alderwood Players
Director / Choreographer: Lindzi Germain

Cast: Marlene Vines, Mark Sanders, Catherine McGoldrick, Marilyn Peagram, Mark Foster, Ian Morrow, Debbie Crosby, Karl Bond, Jenny Blackburn, Janet Cameron, Jean Edwards, Donna Harris, Hazel Hall, Jackie Hughes, Sarah Shaw, Sarah Hodges, Richard Condon, Nicky Crowe, Ian Davies, Paul Dundas, Andrew Floyd, David Kuypers, Stuart McGreachin, Robert Parry, David Pealing, Barry Greenough, Stephen Fury, Michael Wogan.

The production of Grease staged by The Alderwood Players at The Bridge Chapel Adult Centre heavily underlines exactly why such facilities are vital to local communities.
Choreographed, cajoled, cheered on and directed by Lindzi Germain, her lively troupe of actors ranging from mid-twenties to mid sixties shone from first to last and gave there all. Whilst it would be an overstatement to say this is the slickest production ever mounted, it could however go down as one of the most enthusiastic, joyous and out-and-out fun.

Although the leads Mark Sanders playing Danny and Marlene Vines playing Sandy hold the love story together, if ever there was a day for collective congratulation then surely this was it so hats off to all and long may the success of The Alderwood Players continue.

Chris High




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