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I Am Not Myself These Days

Liverpool Playhouse Studio

February 2 – February 6

Author: Tom Stuart
Director: Nick Bagnall
Producer: Fuel
Cast: Tom Stuart

Running Time: 85 minutes

Sometimes in the world of theatre, there is a play that comes along that simply takes your breath away and The Liverpool Playhouse Studio is fast becoming a venue that provides them on a regular basis. In recent years there has been Cartoonopolis, Di Is Dead and The Matchbox to name but three. This year, however, a play is going to have to be pretty special to be as memorable, thought provoking and out-and-out mesmeric to better that which is written and performed by Tom Stuart, the autobiographical tale of Josh Kilmer-Purcell, I Am Not Myself These Days.

An ad-man by day and Drag Queen by night, Josh is a man of many contradictions whose life is unravelling due to his dependency on alcohol. Who better to turn to for solace then than Jack, a high-class rent boy who is addicted to crack?

As Tom Stuart begins to peel away at the onion of their lives – aided and abetted by some fantastic costumes, a terrific use of lighting which both provides space and induces a sense of claustrophobia and a stunning 1990s soundtrack which really delivers a sense of time and place – so does this work of some five years in the creation dip and weave like a Spring swallow on a mission and thereby has its audience feeling emotionally exhausted, liberated and heartened beyond all measure by its climax.

As potent, important and challenging as anything that will be staged anywhere, I Am Not Myself Today is unquestionably brave and as deeply rooted in what makes great theatre and is another of the truly great plays that can be added unerringly to the pantheon of Playhouse phenomena which will be forever saluted as being Great.


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