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Joseph promoJoseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

Liverpool Empire
October 13 – October 18, 2014

Cast:  Danielle Hope, Lloyd Daniels, Matt Lapinskas
Running Time: 2 hrs 25 mins

It’s actually quite difficult to put into words how enjoyable Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Deamcoat is and it is such a shame it is only on for 7 days at the The Liverpool Empire  and to see this spectacular performance is not to be missed!

This performance is absolutely amazing – it’s so active and engaging throughout, you can’t look away for fear of missing anything! Lloyd Daniels is a sensational Joseph, casting at it’s very finest. His voice is so easy to listen to, it’s soft and smooth and when he speaks in Act 2, it becomes obvious just how welsh his accent is. We don’t hear this in his singing though!

Potiphar’s scene in the show was a personal favourite, it had the audience in fits of laughter! He is played very well by Henry Metcalfe, whom gave Potiphar a sweet, camp character making him very loveable. This characteristic is also found throughout the show in some of the brothers, giving them much more character which is definitely necessary due to there being so many of them!

Danielle Hope (The Narrator) has an incredible voice, it’s powerful and perfect consistently. She must have an amazing stamina to sing as strong for as long as she does, she’s an absolute credit to the show.

The dancing is also not to be missed, they are all so fun and smiley without the feeling of being at a pantomime and it being too cheesy! This energy is transferred straight to the audience, looking around every single person is smiling, this is not just at the funny parts of the show; it’s throughout!

The finale makes the show what it is. With three (really) amazing Technicolor coats making an appearance, each one with a spectacular song, it’s no surprise that each of these coats received a standing ovation, and not just from the over enthusiastic fans. The entire room wants the cast and everyone else involved just how good of a job they have done creating this masterpiece.

Rebecca Darley



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