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Le Grand Cirque

The Liverpool Empire
June 5th 2009

Executive Director: David King
Director: Alan Harding
Producer: Spirit Productions
Running Time: 2 hrs

Le Grand Cirque is, as it says on the front of the brochure, is “Mesmerising ... Beyond Belief” and if Susan Boyle, runner up of Britain’s Got Talent last weekend, is set to earn somewhere in the region of £8 million pounds, then when considering the talents on show here one can only imagine what these performers are worth in terms of entertainment value.

  'Le Grand Cirque' Promotional Poster

From the moment the unnamed and thoroughly entertaining Ring Master takes to the stage until the very last second, nothing in Le Grand Cirque does anything but mesmerise. With feats of strength that defy logic, balance that defies gravity and agility that defies understanding, every single one of the performers on show here clearly have undergone – and delight in exhibiting the fruits of – an intense regime of training.


Where else are you going to see a man on a ladder patrol the stage with a young girl balanced on one ballet-slippered foot? Where else are acrobats going to leap from pole to pole, backwards, to swing around, vertical, by their legs? Where else are you going to witness so much grace and beauty? No wonder then that this was the Christmas show in residence at The Sydney Opera House last year and no wonder that over 4 million have seen it so far.

The lighting is dazzling, the costumes a chocolate box array of colour and the music exhilarating, especially as the first beats of Bolero break out so that the troupe of male and female dancers, with only thick ropes tied to their wrists, take to the air to spin through the beams of lasers and smoke high above the stage.

There is so much to see – so much going on – it is as though those on show are desperate to out do each other which only further adds to the stunning entertainment on display.

With a finale of gigantic proportions, Le Grand Cirque finally comes to a rapturous end, with all of the artists taking their well deserved bows as the audience at last recaptures its breath.

Mesmerising beyond belief? Actually, the producers should think of a new tagline because, on reflection, these words genuinely do not do this show justice.



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