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Promotional poster for 'Legally Blonde'Legally Blonde

Liverpool Empire Theatre February 7th - February 11th 2012

Author: Heather Hach Director: Jerry Mitchell

Producer(s): Simon Gooding, Zareen Walker, Claire Kehoe

Cast: Les Dennis, Ray Quinn, Faye Brookes, Iwan Lewis, Claire Sweeney

Running Time: 2 hours 30 minutes

"Toughness doesn't have to come in a pinstripe suit" - a point College sweetheart Elle Woods proves throughout "Legally Blonde" as she sets about becoming a lawyer in the vain hope of winning back her true love Warner and prove to him that she's a "Jackie, not a Marilyn".

The touring production of "Legally Blonde" is an all singing, all dancing and certainly all American production; with big white smiles and strong Stateside accents - the latter meaning some of the musical numbers can be hard to understand at times. Dialect issues aside, the cast give flawless performances and can not be faulted. However, it must be noted that the show takes quite a few scenes before laughs from the audience are heard due to bland and frankly, quite boring, opening musical numbers.

Having said that, the second act certainly compensates for the lacklustre first half with energetic and comedic musical numbers; such as 'Bend & Snap', which finally gets some chuckles heard amongst the audience, while 'There! Right There!' is unashamedly flamboyant and hilarious as the jury try and decipher whether Nikos is gay or European (Turns out he's both).

Les Dennis revels in playing the malicious and cruel Professor Callahan whilst Faye Brookes perfectly represents Elle as the ditzy Blonde you just can't help but root for. The star of the show is undoubtedly Lewis Griffiths who has the stalls in stitches with his over the top performance of Kyle - Paulette's love interest. He displays impeccable comic timing and also some fairly impressive leg muscles.

"Legally Blonde" is marvellously performed with, at times, hilarious dialogue and musical numbers but something is lacking from the overall production which means it fails in comparison to its movie counterpart. The jury's still out on whether "Legally Blonde" is an acceptable guilty pleasure.

6/ 10

Zoë Yvonne Delaney

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