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Cirque du Ciel live on stage in 2012'Liverpool: The Tale of Two Cities.

Liverpool City Centre
Friday & Saturday, from Liverpool Town Hall

Producers: Lovehistory
Running Time: 1 hour

Cost: £10
Further Information and booking:

Liverpool, Second City of Empire during the Victorian period, is a place that deserves to be known more for than being the birthplace of “Four Lads Who Shook The World” and two football teams, one red the other blue. It a city steeped in history, culture, fame and infamy and Lovehistory’s latest tour, Liverpool: A Tale of Two Cities successfully unites both its distant and recent pasts entertainingly, informatively and charmingly well.

Love History in LiverpoolOur two young guides – Angela and Ryan – dressed in Victorian apparel and in character from first-to-last, are a delight and, given that the tour takes place when Dale and Tithebarn Streets are lined with revellers enjoying the sunshine and their roads filled with traffic, the very fact that they remain true to their roles and that their voices can be heard above the clamour, deserves special mention. A theatre audience sits silently, whereas Black Cabs and their drivers have very different ideas.

Taking in Exchange Flags, The Western Approaches, the offices of the rebel ship builders of the SS Alabama and along Hacking’s Hey, formerly the Quaker Quarter of the city and home of Liverpool’s oldest public house, Ye Hole in the Wall, before strolling along towards St George’s Hall and the tour’s climax, the historical content of the tour is refreshing and, for those who both know Liverpool well and hardly at all, regularly unearths little “well I never” moments that both enthral and amuse.

Love History in LiverpoolThere are pieces of information that could be further enhanced and others that are completely overlooked along the journey, yet given that it takes an hour, finishing as it does at St George’s Hall, on the whole the tour is a resounding success and for those who wish to know a little more about the city than where the Cavern , Anfield or Goodison are, then Liverpool: A Tale of Two Cities will suit you down to the ground.

Chris High





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