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Lucky Numbers

Royal Court, Liverpool
March 10 – April 12

Author: Mike Yeaman
Director: Ken Alexander
Producer: Royal Court
Cast Includes:  Sheila Reid, Pauline Fleming, Michael Starke, Rachel Rae, Kris Mochrie, Mike Neary, Chris Crookall

Running Time: 2 hrs 40 mins.

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It takes a while to get going, but once Lucky Numbers hits full throttle it delivers time and again and with an ending that really drives its message home, this is one Lottery show that is well worth buying a ticket for.


Sheila Reid – Madge from ITV 1 hit comedy, Benidorm –  plays Connie, a Grandmother who, now that her memory isn’t quite what it was, lives with her daughter’s family and bounces off an exemplary Pauline Fleming, who plays Janice, and Michael Starke, Janice’s workshy husband, Ron, to deliver a master class in timing and delivery that exudes deadpan sincerity with every word. Mike Neary, too, as Ron’s best friend and Janice’s bit-on-the-side, Mick, turns in with some great lines that he utilises to the full.

But as is often the case at the Royal Court, it is the younger members of the cast who excel and further underline the quality of burgeoning talent that Liverpool.  Chris Crookall as Steven is all energy as the exercise shy slob, but it is Rachel Rae and Kris Mochrie who really give the play its zing as Goth, Lisa, and boyfriend, Shane. Indeed, it’s something of a shame Mochrie isn’t on stage longer as his performance is one to savour and credit goes to the Royal Court for consistently giving such ability a self-funded stage on which to shine.

With the Royal Court taking a step away from its usual Slapstick style of play, Lucky Numbers, with the help of a cast of skilled actors, is a play that’s both funny and thought provoking without ever overplaying the sentimentality card.
Chris High.


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