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Mam I'm Ere!Mam! I’m ‘ere!

The Dome Theatre, Liverpool
December 7 – January 12

Author & Director: Stephen Fletcher
Producer: Life in the Theatre Productions
Cast: Alan Stocks, Keddy Sutton, Andrew Schofield, Eithne Browne, Helen Carter, Rachel Rae, Paul Duckworth, Stephen Fletcher.

Running Time: 2 hrs 10 mins

From start to finish, from the conception of the idea to its superb ending, Mam! I’m ‘Ere has been a production that has deserved to have praise heaped upon it for the outstanding work that has gone into getting the project off the ground. Not only did Mam! I’m ‘Ere get going but it soared with sublime brilliance and had the Dome on Renshaw Street rocking as the audience danced and sang with vigour all night, matching the superb cast for sheer energy and with enjoyment.

A family firm’s livelihood is at stake as the resort suffers in a lack of visitors and a young bride starts to embark on her next phase of her life whilst her father, portrayed by Liverpool acting legend Andrew Schofield in fine devilish and impish mood, ruefully regrets losing the love of his life, all the key ingredients in a magnificent creation by the hard working team behind the musical extravaganza.

Disco, divas, flares and lost sweethearts may not be the first thing that springs to mind when audiences think of Andrew Schofield, Paul Duckworth, Alan Stocks and Stephen Fletcher but the four male leads each gave outstanding comedic performances worthy of any production. The women in the cast were not to be outdone as Helen Carter, who already has the reputation of having one of the finest voices in Liverpool, the supremely funny Keddy Sutton, the exquisite Eithne Browne and stunning Rachel Rae each gave beautiful, comical and genuinely touching performances which framed the musical perfectly.

Stephen Fletcher, the cast, musicians and overall team should be congratulated for making this show an absolute pleasure to watch; tremendously enjoyable and a testament to an idea and belief in a cast that delivers time and time again. Expect to laugh, sing, cry tears of joy and most of all, being amazed at how much hard work has gone into making Mam! I’m ‘Ere! a show to remember.

Ian D.

CALL- 08448700887 (Box Office opens- 9am-7pm weekdays & 9am-5pm Saturdays)All tickets £15 plus booking fee.



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