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Metamorphosis: A Six Legged Nightmare

Author: Franz Kafka
Director: David Farr & Gisli Orn Gardarsson
Producer: Lyric & Vesturport Theatres
Cast: Bjorn Thors, Unnur Osp Stefansdottir, Elva Osk Olafsdottir, Jonathan McGuinness, Tom Mannion.

Liverpool Playhouse Theatre
Saturday February 9, 2008

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Whatever the Playhouse put on this year – in what looks to be a truly wonderful season – nothing will surpass this. Metamorphosis, despite its fantastic surmise of a family who discover their son and brother has turned overnight into a hideous insect, is quite simply breathtaking.

Bjorn Thors, the inflicted Gregor, is majestic. Throwing himself quite literally into his performance, crawling along walls and floors, through ceilings and onto banisters and all without missing a beat, is a sight to behold in itself without the superb delivery and emotion he gives the role.

Exquisite, too, is Unnur Osp Stefansdottir, playing the highly-talented but deeply affected Grete, whose performance is so powerful it defies belief, crossing the border between acceptance and loathing for what her brother has become and has done to her family beautifully and in the way a self-absorbed, rich-bitch wife might look upon a stroke-struck husband.

The sense of isolation and loneliness Gregor feels is illustrated with such clarity, such effusiveness, that there is no need to beat the audience about the head with its message and the Directors, David Farr & Gisli Orn Gardarsson, keep away from doing so with great skill, so that all those involved each make up the sum total of the whole as though pieces in a jigsaw that slot neatly into place to create a picture filled with beauty. This is a truly wonderful production that deserves to be seen by everybody and anybody. Book now, please, before you miss the opportunity.

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