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Chris High reviews Mind Control Live by Derren Brown on this page.

The Liverpool Empire
Sunday, May 2nd 2004.

Derren Brown with his live performance of Mind Control
OK, so what do you want for £17? Naked ladies riding white horses? Flame throwing ant eaters? A two-headed gorgon threatening to disembowel itself before your very eyes?
Well, after watching Derren Brown perform his mind control act, all of the above would have seemed tame in comparison.

Before a packed out Liverpool Empire, Brown hypnotised, suggested and cajoled members of the Liverpool audience with all of the dexterity of a champion origami expert. He was funny, serious, puzzling, beguiling and - above - hugely entertaining for a little over 2 1/2 hours.

He threw Frisbees into the audience as a method of random selection and then - without at any time humiliating his victims (apart from 2, who had insisted on chewing gum on stage) - Brown mesmerised us in the seats with his amazing skills of memory. Who else could tell a total stranger his or her phone number, address, on what page it appears in the phone book, in which column AND roughly on what section of the page, just by asking the first initial and the surname?

Brown was slick. He was also versatile and approachable. He signed autographs for at least an hour after the show and actually SPOKE to those who asked for it, in a pleasant, courteous and warm manner (he even gave my girlfriend a kiss on the cheek, without her having to ask for it). There were no minders to wade through, no surly staff members to convince. Just pleasant appreciation of those who had stumped up to see him.

We were sworn to secrecy about the 2nd half of the show. Suffice to say then, that it was worth staying for. And his feat of skill as his encore, well, simply left me speechless.

If Derren Brown - famed for his televised Russian Roulette show on Britain's Channel 4 TV - is appearing anywhere within a 100 mile radius of you, then - PLEASE - go and see him!!!!

It's an absolute must !!!



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