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Promo image for Nightmare on Lime StreetA Nightmare on Lime Street

Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

November 23 – January 12

Author: Fred Lawless
Director: Ken AlexanderProducer: Royal Court LiverpoolCast: Michael Starke, Lynn Francis, Mark Moraghan,  Lindzi Germain, Anthony Watson, Jamie Hampson, Lenny Wood

Running Time: 1 hr 50 mins

A spoof horror at Christmas may seem a strange choice for a show filled with festive frolics, yet somehow Fred Lawless’ latest Scouse induced Yuletide yarn – A Nightmare on Lime Street­ – is a production jam-packed with Christmas cracker spawned, pun-tastic revelry that will have fans of The Royal Court laughing out loud at even the very worst of them.

That the show’s billed “star”, David Gest, has been laid low with Gastro Enteritis and for this performance was absent, it is left to Court jester of some merit, Anthony Watson, to fill the monster boots and what a fine job of it he makes. Baron Frankenstein, here played by the always value for money Mark Moraghan, may have had to have made use of a time portal to zoom forward to Liverpool 2012 to escape the clutches of Bavarian villagers from 18 whatever, but not even he could have envisaged creating such a ghoulish creature with a high pitched LA accent and a penchant for faux diamond crucifixes.

Indeed, Watsons’ is the star turn in its own right, despite being on stage barely twenty minutes in total, as he fully brings alive a script clearly intended for “Mr. Gest”, as the programme keeps insisting he be called.

In fact the whole cast are outstanding particularly Lynn Francis as potty-mouthed, religious relic selling nun, Sister Sledge, who is just outstanding in the role it has to be said, Michael Starke as wannabe Ghostbuster Tommy, and Lenny Wood as Egor, particularly when he sings his lovelorn duet with Jamie Hampson, the title of which shall remain secreted for fear of spoiling the surprise.

Howard Gray’s music, Beverly Norris-Edmunds choreography and yet another astonishingly brilliant set designed by Mark Walters not only encapsulates the efforts all those have brought to the stage in their brilliantly funny performances, but also illustrates that The Royal Court is very definitely the home of Christmas laughs aplenty.
Chris High


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