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Liverpool Playhouse Theatre
March 13 – March 17

Author: Carl Grose (Frome Sophocles .... sort of)
Director: Emma Rice
Producer: Spymonkey
Cast: Stephen Kreiss, Toby Park, Aitor Basuari, Petra Massey

Running Time: 2hrs 10 mins

Oedipussy is a Spymonkey’s adaptation of Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex, a King of Thebes, who fulfils the prophesy of killing his father and marrying his mother.

At first this might suggest a dark tale of a man who kills his own father, a man who is unlucky enough to fall in love with his mother, a man who has been betrayed by Gods … however, this could not be further from the Spymonkey’s frivolous and hilarious take on the tale.

The outrageous script and energetic and eccentric performances of Petra Massey, Stephan Kreiss, Toby Park and the amazing Aitor Basauri, will leave any viewer speechless and, although Oedipussy may not be to everyone’s taste, it sure delivers an evening full of crazy enjoyment throughout.

The show was even further enhanced by creative song writing and individual intervals of stand-up commentary by each of the actors, which provide an opportunity to see each performer for the true artist they are, and what at first might have seemed as yet another parody, rises to a genius spectacle which is enhanced with some amazing and a set of costumes – particularly that of the Oracle, which is worth the admission on its own.  

Nevertheless, leave the kids at home, and have a fantastic, laughter filled evening with a rather outrageous show of Oedipussy by the amazing, imaginative Spymonkey.
Viki Neimantaite     

Tour:  13 - 17 March Liverpool Playhouse
22 - 24 March Dukes Lancaster
27 - 31 March Curve Leicester
10 - 21 April Lyric Hammersmith London
24 - 25 April Corn Exchange Newbury
27 - 28 April Wales Millennium Centre Cardiff
1 - 5 May Nuffield Southampton
7 - 9 May Hall for Cornwall Truro
14 - 16 May Brighton Festival Theatre Royal

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