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On The Ledge

Liverpool Royal Court Theatre
April 25 – May 24

Author: Alan Bleasdale
Director: Bob Eaton
Producer: Liverpool Royal Court
Cast Includes: Andrew Schofield, Neil Fitzmaurice, Gillian Hardie, Lenny Wood, Neil Caple, Dave Hart, Louis Emerick, Gary Bleasdale, Roy Brandon.

Running Time: 2hrs 15 mins.

Image: Promo image for 'On The Ledge'.

In truth, it took a little time into to work out what it is that is so enjoyable about On The Ledge. The cast are superb, Billy Meall’s set is magnificent, the many lines that need to be funny are hilarious and those that need to be thought provoking hit the mark time after time. Then it strikes home. This play, set on the high-rise ledge of a Liverpool block of flats on the Bonfire Night of 1994, is in fact as timeless as it is transportable. It doesn’t have to be Liverpool and it doesn’t have to be 1994. It can be any major city in any year and Alan Bleasdale’s strengths come to the fore at every turn, as he captures a capsule of life and engages with real people in extraordinary circumstances in a way that is nothing short of magical.


Of course, even the best wordsmith needs the best actors to make his work sparkle and, here, Bleasdale and Director, Bob Eaton, have landed the pick of the crop. Andrew Schofield, Gillian Hardie, Neil Fitzmaurice, Louis Emerick et al are all their usual exemplary selves, but it is the relative newcomers, Dave Hart and Lenny Wood, who must take the plaudits of this show because, from first to last, their delivery and timing are nothing short of first rate.  

This not just a comedy. Indeed, this is not just a black comedy with a vivid message turned out to near-perfect standards. Above all else, this production of On The Ledge is an absolute joy to watch.

Chris High

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Chris High on BBC Radio Merseyside talking about 'On The Ledge' by Alan Bleasdale 29th April 2008


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