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One Night In Istanbul

Empire Theatre, Liverpool
July 9 – July 18

Author: Nicky Allt
Director: Matt Wilde
Producer: Bang On Top
Cast Includes: John McCardle, John Bishop, Ann Marie Davies, James Spofforth,  Stephen Fletcher, Marc Hughes, Tony Caveny.

Running Time:  2hrs 20 mins

What was an unforgettable night for Liverpool supporters has been captured brilliantly in Nicky Allt’s new play, One Night In Istanbul. Packed with scenarios that will be familiar to football fans around the world, the play tells of four lads there for the match but with no tickets and only a plan to sell Hitler’s cuff links to raise the cash.

  'One Night In Istanbul' Promotional Poster

Ann Marie Davies adds the sexy element, playing the Turkish cleaner, Adalet, with assured sultriness and measured nastiness.  John McCardle as Gerry, the lucky-pants-wearing schemer, is fabulous and, as with most everything he does, delivers a performance packed with skill and great timing.


But it is John Bishop who really makes the show fly, delivering lines with quick fired agility and acting as though he really was in a dingy hotel.  One scene in which he is being seduced by Adalet whilst dreaming of the trophy is worth the admission fee alone.
The use of two giant screen to recount Liverpool’s past European triumphs as well as the night in question, and a brilliantly reworked version of A Horse With No Name, all give the show a feel of being back at the match and whether you’re red, blue or indifferent, One Night In Istanbul will leave you aching with laughter and ready for the next campaign.

Chris High.


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