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Our Day Out – The Musical

Liverpool Royal Court Theatre
August 27 – October 9

Author: Willy Russell
Director: Bob Eaton:
Set Design: Mark Walters
Cast Includes: Mark Moraghan, Pauline Daniels, Stephen Fletcher, Georgina White,
Kieran Cunningham, Abby Mavers, Chris Mason, Mia Malloy

Running Time: 2 hrs 20 mins

Promo image for 'Our Day Out'.

Mark Moraghan as Briggs and Pauline Daniels as Mrs. Kay

© Dave Evans 2010

With great songs, great performances and a great story,  Willy Russell’s Our Day Out – The Musical is one of those truly magical theatrical experiences that very definitely should not to be missed, with an adult cast that add new dimensions to their roles and a team of young actors who have raised their game magnificently. It was difficult to see how it could be improved, but it has.

Fine performances from Mark Moraghan as old disciplinarian Briggs and Pauline Daniels as kind-hearted Mrs. Kay, whose Progress Class are about to embark on their annual school trip, add a fresh authority that is beautifully mirrored by both Stephen Fletcher as heartthrob teacher, Mark, and Georgina White as his wife-to-be, Katie.


However, what drives the show is the enthusiasm, energy and outright talent of the youngsters and this aspect remains unchanged, with Chris Mason, Mia Malloy and Abby Mavers turning in even more assured performances than those of twelve months ago.

Yet  there is one huge difference to this production that makes the whole thing come together  so well and that is the innovative and imaginative set, which is just astonishing in the way it has made everybody up their game. A multi-level backdrop of graffiti scrawled walls that swap and change as the story progresses, has never looked so good or been employed so well and allows a sense of intimacy that lifts the audience out of their seats and takes them along for the ride.

Bigger, brighter and – ultimately – better, Willy Russell and Bob Eaton have taken a show that was always very, very good and turned it into something utterly glorious,

Chris High

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