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Promo image for Reds and Blues The Musical.Reds & Blues: The Musical

Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool
June 29 – July 28 2012

Author: Dave Kirby
Director: Bob Eaton
Cast: Roy Brandon, Paul Duckworth, Taylor Parry. Lynn Francis, Lindzi Germain, Lewis Pryor, Connor Laverty, Dan McIntrye, Andrew Schofield, Alan Stocks, Francis Tucker.

Running Time: 2 hrs 20 mins

It really feels as though that the Royal Court Theatre has been closed for far too long. Fans and audiences of the iconic theatre and the productions that they put on have been without the riotous nights of laughter for what seems an eternity. However, Now that the first phase of the revamp is over, the theatre has reopened, and in some style with the excellent musical Reds and Blues by Dave Kirby.

Nowhere in the country can it be said that a city or town is divided so much in its football supporting habits as Liverpool. The passion and near frustration that families can feel with the neighbours is magnificently magnified by one of Liverpool’s finest writers, Dave Kirby, and a cast that would grace any theatre in any city.

Headed by Andrew Schofield and Paul Duckworth, the musical focuses sharply on the only thing that really divides the city, the passion for Everton and Liverpool football clubs.  A football fan though is nothing without his loyal family behind them and in Lynn Francis, Lindzi Germain and the two sensational lads playing Ronaldo and Stevie, the wonderful Taylor Parry and Lewis Pryor, the play left the packed Royal Court’s audience laughing throughout. 

The production was, as usual, nothing short of excellent, Dave Kirby’s script framing perfectly the suspicion both sides feel for each other but also the camaraderie they feel when an outsider comes in to the mix.

The wonderful point that Mr. Kirby made at the end of the play was no matter how much the other side annoy you, how much seeing the opposing shirt hanging on the washing line drives you mad, when it boils down to it, This is Merseyside and woe betide anyone trying to come between us.

A welcome return for the Royal Court, to Dave Kirby and a cast that was just top-notch.

Ian D. Hall


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