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Promo imageof Reginald D. Hunter.Reginald D. Hunter

Liverpool Royal Court

November 14th, 2010

‘There’s a few of you might have seen me on the TV and liked what you’ve seen,’ Illinois comedian Reginald D Hunter said on taking the stage in front of this sell out Royal Court audience. An audience, it has to be said, that knows its stuff, thanks in no small part to the incredibly popular Rawhide Comedy Club which resides here. ‘I thank you for that but feel its only right to tell you something right from the off. Stand up is Art and TV is business, so don’t expect what you get from me on TV.’

And so the show was on. Everything from Hunter’s own desire to have in his possession a slave, Sex In The City 2 and Hurricane Katrina and beyond were discussed in a compelling, highly amusing (without ever being totally raucous) way that had the crowd, if not exactly eating out of his hand, then certainly warming to the giant of a man the more the evening progressed.

As a warm up, Australian Steve Hughes – a heavy metal loving, profanity-clobbering self-confessed Mad Wizard lookalike who posses a quick, dry wit that is normally so foreign to Ozzies – fitted the bill nicely.

Okay, so Hunter’s proclamation that Hughes is the “best comedian in the world” might be over-stating the case, but he is pretty bloody funny nevertheless. In fact the stand out point of the whole night is  Hughes’ list of reasons why everybody should just simply boycott shows such as the X-Factor.

A moment that had the crowd whooping in agreement and howling with laughter, and one that was never quite equalled.

Overall, yes, this was a good – if not great – night of comedy, although it might have been better were it not quite so obvious that both men had been availing themselves a little too freely of Liverpool’s hospitality beforehand.

Chris High

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