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Scouse Potatoes

La Casa Blanca, Liverpool

Written by and starring: Jennifer Roberts, Jodie Nesbitt, Justine Elizabeth Bailey
Producer: Triple J Productions
Running time: 45 minutes.

February 27th, 2008

If there is one thing Capital of Culture should be promoting it is new, quality writing like this and why Scouse Potatoes hasn’t been kissed by the money stick wielded by those supposedly in the know, is something of a mystery.

The comedy involves three girls who live and work together in Liverpool. It is New Year’s Day, they’re all feeling rough through their party excesses and the topic of conversation revolves around last night’s celebrations. Trouble is the fireworks have not all yet exploded, as the hangovers clear and memories return.

Incorporating live drama, an excellent use of film recounts the party in flashback making this play quite simply a gem with engaging and endearing performances from Roberts, Nesbitt and Bailey which all bode well for the future.

With a heavy leaning towards the style of Willy Russell or, more appropriately, Victoria Wood, Scouse Potatoes sparkles on virtually every line and, were it to be extended to beyond the hour in length, it will surely achieve the acclaim it deserves, before far bigger audiences.

Watch this space. Jennifer Roberts, Jodie Nesbitt and Justine Elizabeth Bailey are all bound to be mentioned here again and sooner rather than later, collectively or individually.



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