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Promotional poster for 'Sister Act'Sister Act

Liverpool Empire
22nd May – 2nd June 2012

Author: Cheri Steinkellner & Bill Steinkellner
Director: Jerry Zaks
Producer: Whoopie Goldberg & Stage Entertainment

Cast Includes: Densie Black, Cynthia Erivo, Edward Baruwa, Cavin Cornwall, Michael Stark.

Running Time: 2hrs 20mins

A divine musical comedy is the tag line for the show and its gloriously delivers. The plot stays true to the original storyline with Delores Van Cartier played by Cynthia Erivo witnessing a mob murder and needing police protection.  She has to be hidden where no one can find her so for flamboyant, boisterous, hot blooded Delores a convent is the last place she would think of staying and hence the best place to hide. Thus begins the road to enlightenment and hilarity.

Cynthia Erivo opens the show as she means to go on with powerful vocals, psychedelic disco moves, hot pants with thigh high boots and an energy which is infectious. In songs like ‘Raise it up’ she exudes passion and fun leaving the audience wanting to sing and dance along with her. It fills every corner of the theatre, no timid or thin performances will be found here. Her duet with Denise Black as Mother Superior is full of beautifully crafted harmony’s that use the softer end of both women’s vocal ranges perfectly.

The three stooges Pablo, Joey and TJ played by Gavin Alex, Daniel Stockton and Tyrone Huntley are baddy Curtis Jackson’s right hand men and are comedy gold with their unabashed disco moves, lady killer charms and gyrating hips. ‘When I find my baby’ sung by Cavin Cornwall as Curtis Jackson their backing vocals and variety of dance moves are more reminiscent of The Jackson Five than mobsters.

The show displays its brilliant sense of humor and fun which permeates everything from sets to song words, dance moves to chase scenes. With ‘Its good to be a nun’ as a prime example with lines like ‘the worlds your oyster when your locked inside your cloister’ its clear to see how much fun the writers and performers have had with this show.

This show is slick, extremely well polished and oozes a standard of professionalism normally found in The West End. Amazing sets like the alter in St Katherine’s, the church they sing in bring the glitz and glamour to this performance, the giant Virgin Mary cannot fail to impress. Along with some fabulous costumes they really have succeeded in bringing a piece of Hollywood to Liverpool.

This is a performance full to the brim with fun, laughter, incredible music and general hilarity. Amazing vocal performances come as standard with a show of this caliber. This is a must see for fans of the film and those new to the story alike, it’s a night you wont forget.

Nina Lloyd - Jones


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