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Tartuffe (or The Imposter)

Liverpool Playhouse
September 8 – September 17 (Then Touring)

Author: Roger McGough’s adaptation from Moliere
Director: Gemma Bodinetz
Producers: Liverpool Playhouse / English Touring Theatre

Cast Includes: Anabelle Dowler, Joseph Alessi, Rebecca Lacey, Simon Coates, Emily Pithon,
 Hiran Abeysekera, Colin Tierney, Eithne Browne,  Ilan Goodman,  Alan Stocks.

Running Time: 2hrs 15 mins.

‘Tartuffe' promotional advert for 2011

Everyman Liverpool Playhouse official website

An undoubted hit of European Capital of Culture year, 2008, Tartuffe made its much anticipated return to The Playhouse and did not disappoint. Indeed, if anything, this production is faster, slicker, smoother and funnier that before and is guaranteed to send audiences home more than satisfied.

Roger McGough’s ingeniously lyrical reworking of Moliere’s work – which, incidentally was originally banned for being a blasphemic representation of Church hierarchy – and Gemma Bodnetz’ dynamic direction bring the best from this highly talented cast, who clearly enjoy every moment they are on the stage.

Highlight performances are those given by Annabelle Dowler, who’s infectiously wise Dorine is a delight in every way, and Joseph Alessi’s beguiled Orgon is quite simply hilarious. Simon Coates’ subtle sarcasm, Rebecca Lacey’s voluptuous deviousness and Emily Pithon’s dippy naiveté as Mariane, are all sums of the whole which, combined, culminate in a creation of zest, verve and vigour that is all consuming. However, it is Hiran Abeysekera’s Valere, Mariane’s true love, through  his own brand of fleet-footed foolery, along with Colin Tierney’s deliciously scheming titular character who arguably steal the show through.

A little slow in coming to the boil, perhaps, but once it gets there Tartuffe has evolved into an even more memorable theatrical experience that is certainly not to be missed.

Chris  High

Images © Robert Day 2011

Tartuffe Joseph Alessi (3) (c) Robert Day Tartuffe Joseph Alessi (2) (c) Robert Day

Everyman Liverpool Playhouse official website



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