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The Snow Queen

Unity Theatre, Liverpool
December 1 – January 23

Director:  Patrick Dineen
Producer: Dramaturg
Cast Includes: Filippo Fiori, Lucy Fiori, Rosie McLaughlin, Jamie Stuart, Lauren Silver, Marta Ribeiro e Cunha.

Running Time:  1 hr 40 mins




snow queen

Link: Unity Theatre Liverpool official websiteWithout question The Unity and Dramaturg, on a limited budget, have again provided one of the Festive highlights of the year with their production of The Snow Queen.

An intelligent use of effects help make this production the delight that it is, as everything from video screens to plain white sheets and jaw dropping costumes all add to the ambience magnificently,  however it is the fine young cast that brings the whole thing to life. 

This years Unity pantomime is just a little more darker than many other shows on offer, with more than just a hint of delightful menace   provided by Filippo Fiori’s Wizard Screeb, particularlyt as he enters from behind a shadow screen that is used brilliantly throughout.

Jamie Stuart’s Kai is superb in the way he changes from nice lad to self-serving indolent, ably backed Lauren Silver who as Gerda shows that love can melt the coldest heart without ever becoming schmaltzy.  The laughs are mostly provided by the multi-roles offered by Lucy Fiori, though notably her playing Freddie The Polar Bear.

Engaging and enigmatic, Silver has just the right amount of coy charm to leave a lasting impression. Rosie McLaughlin is quite simply beautiful as The Snow Queen, as her costume – naturally – a shimmering white satin ensemble and a huge acting presence will live long in the memory. 

Chris High

Link: Unity Theatre Liverpool official website



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