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The Caretaker

Liverpool Everyman Theatre
October 2 – October 31

Author: Harold Pinter
Director: Christopher Morahan
Producer: Everyman Playhouse
Cast: Jonathan Pryce, Peter McDonald, Tom Brooke

Running Time:  2hrs 40 mins.

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A true theatrical joy, this production of The Caretaker is impossible not to admire, difficult to beat and easy to warmly and rapturously applaud.

Tom Brooke’s Mick, from first brooding moment and on through to his final anger-riddled denouement is quite simply sublime in the way he twists and turns, casting shadows over all he sees. Jonathan Pryce’s much heralded return to the theatre in which he made his name does everything it promises and is a master class in timing.

With a child like twirl of the finger here or raised eyebrow there, Pryce’s character constantly changes so that the audience are at first forced into being carried alongside the old vagrant before finally being relieved of their burden and so able to turn against the self-obsessed waster almost without realising why they’d sided with him in the first place.


Yet Peter McDonald’s troubled Aston really gives the production’s pencil its lead. With his hold on the intrigue concealed between the work’s lines superb in every way, and his skill in conjuring just the right amounts of darkness, light, sadness and confusion from the very cracks of his character’s fractured mind, McDonald’s performance is an absolute treat to watch.

There are certain plays that leave an everlasting impression and Harold Pinter’s The Caretaker is such a play. Actors and directors charged with making its cutting, broken dialogue and its disconnected actions test the glistening edges of each character’s outraged misfortune shine have to be of the highest calibre in order for it to work. In this production, with pace, guile and sheer visual and verbal dexterity in abundance, work it most certainly does and of the highest calibre all those involved in making it possible most certainly are.

Chris High

Everyman Liverpool Playhouse official website



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