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Walking With Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular.

The Echo Arena, Liverpool
August 19 – August 23

Producer: Creature Production Company in association with BBC
Cast: Dominic Rickards
Running Time: 2 hrs.

Plateosaurus - Walking With Dinosaurs at the Liverpool Echo Arena.

Spectacular is how they’ve billed it and spectacular Walking With Dinosaurs certainly is. From first to last, the creators have developed a show that will have audiences young and old spellbound and going away wanting to find out more.

Our guide through pre-historia is Dominic Rickards, who as a Palaeontologist known only as Huxley narrates the facts in such a way that it’s not so much natural history but rather naturally entertaining and never gets in the way of what is an engaging and incredibly interesting show for all the educational reasons.


Walking With Dinosaurs at the Liverpool Echo Arena.But of course, it’s the dinosaurs who are the real stars and, from the hatching Brachiosaurus to the giant Tyranosaurus Rex it is easy to see where £10 million has been spent in creating the ten dinosaurs on show. These creatures are as marvellous feats of engineering as the animals they are representing ever were, with the attention to detail going down to the last ripple on the skin, the last spray of saliva and the last blink of a Plateosaur’s heavily armoured eye.

More Dinosaurs walking at the Liverpool Echo Arena.The set is a giant array of rocks that reveal their own secrets, backed by a vast screen that leaves nothing to the imagination and splits dramatically to allow the dinosaurs to enter. The only naff bit in truth being the inflatable trees and plants around the floor’s edge which, in truth, look like the balloons they actually are. The lighting and the music are both intensely energetic and set the scenarios and the battles off with great power so the audience are never given chance to take their eyes from what’s happening.

A once in a lifetime experience, Walking With Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular is everything it says on the poster and more.

Chris High

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