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Promotional poster for 'We Will Rock You'

We Will Rock You

Empire Theatre, Liverpool
September 6 – September 24 (touring until January 12, 2012)

Author: Ben Elton & Queen
Associate Director: Tony Edge
Producer: Phil McIntyre with Queen Productions
Cast Includes: Amanda Coutts, Noel Sullivan, Ian Reddington, Ashley J Russell, Earl Carpenter, Leon Lopez, Jenny Douglas

Running Time: 2 hrs 45 mins

The much anticipated arrival of We Will Rock You in the city which can be rightly dubbed the crucible of British Rock did not disappoint, with a cast that is not only energised to the max, but also with a set that is as bright as anything Queen themselves ever toured with, costumes straight of the tops of Quality Street tins and – importantly – music that is performed by a live band that includes Roger Taylor’s son, Rufus, on drums, so expertly the whole show has the feel of a Rock Gig rather than a Rock Musical.

It is the future on Planet Mall (formerly Earth) and real music has been banned, replaced by synthetic, computer generated pulp. Galileo, a youngster who refuses to conform, keeps hearing strange phrases in his head - lyrics from ancient songs – and when he meets the similarly ostracised-for-being-different Scaramouche, they escape to find their own way in the world. Only when they finally find their way to The Bohemians, a gang of underground rebels, can they find their true paths and so return Rock to its rightful place and free the citizens of mall from Tyranny.

But, to paraphrase a classic song of 1975, none of that really matters, because it’s the music and those delivering the songs that really make Rock You what it is and nobody performs better both as a singer and an actor than Amanda Coutts. Her cheeky charm as Scaramouche is infectious, whereas her singing prowess is exemplary throughout though never more so than with Somebody To Love, which is quite simply sensational

Noel Sullivan’s Galileo, too, is impressive, covering the vast Empire stage with the ability of a seasoned performer and with a voice that fills the auditorium with ease. Indeed, the entire cast may well have been fed on the excitement of the sell out audience beforehand, as not one failed to deliver the goods, although Ian Reddington’s Days Of Our Lives and Jenny Douglas’ No One But You (Only The Good Die Young) are both moving  highlights that stand out.

With new sections replacing old and with fresh additions to the make up of the play, We Will Rock has lost none of its lustre and will quite possibly, as Ben Elton so cannily wrote, run for 150 years on this showing.

It Will Rock You ... guaranteed.
Chris High

Liverpool Empire

6 September 2011 - 24 September 2011

Sunderland Empire

26 September 2011 - 8 October 2011

Bristol Hippodrome

11 October 2011 - 30 October 2011

Leeds Grand Theatre

1 November 2011 - 26 November 2011

Edinburgh Playhouse

29 November 2011 - 7 January 2012


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