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Dominion Theatre, Tottenham Court Road
Tuesday 2nd June, 2004

A promotional image of We Will Rock You by Queen


Queen are engraved on my heart. I have had the undoubted pleasure, luck and delight to see Freddie, Roger, John & Brian play live in concert on no less than 14 different occasions, in 9 different venues & 4 different countries. Without doubt THE finest band to ever grace a stage.

So what of the musical that is now keeping their name & music alive? As much as I love Queen, I hate tribute bands so I was a bit wary of going to see the show for the simple reason that it might just be a self grandisement of their career.
Wrong !!!!!

We Will Rock You is an age old story of a quest, interspersed with love, comedy and pantomime villains aplenty (The Killer Queen - who has decreed that all music played by people be banned in favour synthetic pulp - just has to be seen to be believed). The stage is bedecked with lights and effects that will truly make your jaw drop (the hologram waterfall is just amazing) and video screens that depict crowd scenes and battles and, well, just about everything, are crystal clear in their definition.

The cast were faultless. Peter Johansson played Galileo (or Gaz) with unflinching enthusiasm and style. Never once did he miss a note. A fact that is increased by the knowing that this was the UNDERSTUDY !!!

Hannah Jane Fox was the 'ugly duckling' figure of Scaramouche, who only wants to be accepted for her love of 'Real' music with instruments and stuff. Her version of Somebody To Love did not detract one iota from the song's bottomless worth.
The comic partner of Stephen Frost, Mark Arden, played Pop, the wise old bird who has seen, done & smoked everything. It is he who has the answer to the quest, but can he be found in time to uncover 'The Rock'?

Yes, this is pantomime that is good for the whole year around. All that's missing are spontaneous shouts of 'he's behind you!!!' bursting from young throats. It's a glorious romp. Good solid fun. All that you've seen in the blurb is true.

Most and best of all, the music is loud, played fantastically well (Rumour has it that Brian May might take the role of Pop at Christmas) and doesn't overwhelm the acting. Yes, they are all Queen songs bent to fit the storyline, but who cares?
I don't want to say too much more in case it spoils the surprises. But go and watch it for yourselves, because I guarantee it'll blow your mind !!

One last thing, arrive early and be sure to take in the simply HUGE statue of Freddie that is outside the theatre, it's amazing. Then go upstairs and check out the tribute to Fred that is on display. There are rare photographs and memorabilia to see before taking your seat.
(Thanks to Diane for giving me the opportunity to write this review, you're a star !!!).

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